Even a small change in a video that already has captions can cascade into major changes for the caption times. It can be disheartening to hear, when you worked hard to get the closed captions ready.

Fortunately, there are tools that can shift closed captions easily. Subtitle Edit is a free program (sorry, Mac users, it’s PC only) which lets you shift closed captions with a few clicks.

  1. In the File menu, choose Open to open your .srt file.
  2. In the Video menu, choose Open Video and select the amended video file.
  3. In the waveform generated, click where the first caption should start.
  4. Make sure the first caption is selected on the table showing captions and times.
  5. Click on the Adjust tab on the bottom left panel
  6. Select “Set start and offset the rest.”


The caption is now in the correct spot and the captions after it have adjusted accordingly.

There’s also room now to add a caption for the new intro.

If you added captions or have them available in Adobe Premiere Pro or Camtasia, you can select the whole caption track and shift them, as necessary.

 You can see an example in the video below.

Hey, I finished the captions on that video you sent. Oh… it has a new intro now. So all the  timings for the captions are wrong now.

[woman crying]

Here’s a tears-free solution to fix that.

[upbeat music]

First, if you added captions using Adobe Premiere Pro or Camtasia, there’s a very simple solution. Select all of your captions and shift them down to make room for the new first caption. In Premiere, under the Text panel  you can export the new .srt file.

In Camtasia, make sure you see a white arrow when you click and shift, so you’re moving all the captions and not accidentally moving an individual caption start or end time.

Another option is a free captioning program called Subtitle Edit. You would open your original .srt captioning file. Under the video menu, you’re opening your new video. In this example, we’re shifting everything from the very first caption, so make sure the first line is selected on the list. In the waveform, click on the new starting time for the first caption. If it’s not visible already, click on the Adjust tab and hit the first button “Set start and offset the rest.”

The captions are now fixed. You can add a new caption  at the start for any audio  in the new intro. I hope that helps.

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