Hey, That's a Learning Objective

It’s like the clouds parted and the light finally shined. I’m preparing for a presentation. I was writing bullet points of content I wanted to cover, and then it hit me. Those weren’t just bullet points. Those were learning objectives, and the learning objectives were part of a competency. 

Competencies are skills or knowledge that help a person do their work. They needs to be measurable and/or observable.

For example: A competency could be to cook a meal. You can observe (and enjoy) a meal. And cooking a meal consists of learning objectives, like listing the ingredients needed for that meal.

You often see learning objectives begin with “The student will be able to.” 

When building lessons, you need to identify the competencies and learning objectives. For planning, they’ll make sure you cover what’s needed. Competencies can also help build an assessment to see if learners understood the lesson.

Below is an infographic about building learning objectives and writing competencies.


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