Covering Video Mistak— uh, Edits

The person on camera flubbed a line. Rather than rerecord the entire shot, someone says, “We’ll fix that in editing.” And the person on camera starts the line again.

The problem is a lot of people who toss the “We’ll fix that in editing” line aren’t the “we” fixing it.

If you are the person responsible for covering the jump cut caused by combining two versions of a shot, here are some ways to cover that edit.


Use a full-screen graphic related to what’s being spoken of on screen.

Use transitions. You usually want to avoid something too distracting. 

A dip-to-black effect quickly fades the shot to a black screen and fades into the next shot. This is often used for slower-paced videos. The opposite dip-to-white effect can be used for faster-paced videos.

Cut to related B-roll or stock footage. Just don’t cut back to the on-camera talent shot too quickly. You want the change to seem natural to the video pacing and not just a quick cutaway to cover an edit.

Resize the video of the second shot, so that it’s noticeably wider or closer to the subject. The change of the shot will cover the subtle changes of the subject’s movement. If you use this approach, make sure you’re not making the shot so wide as to pixilate the video. 


A way to avoid a jump cut is to record from another angle (or use a wider or closer shot in the first place) when rerecording a line. 

In this case, when you switch to another angle, it seems like a natural flow and not a mistake you’re covering.

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