Embedding a Google Slides Presentation onto a Web Page

Animated gif of process to get Google Slides embed code
Screenshot of Google Slides with red box around "Publish to Web"
  1. In a Google Slides presentation, click on the File menu and choose Publish to the Web. 
  2. On the dialog box that appears, click on the Embed tab. (Recommendation: Choose one minute on the Auto-Advance dropdown option). 
  3. Click the Publish button. Another window will appear asking if you want to publish. Choose OK. 
    Screenshot of Publish To Web Dialog Box in Google Slides
  4. Press Control + C on your keyboard to copy the embed code that appears.
Screenshot of Embed Dialog Box in Google Slides

5. You’ll next paste the embed code into your web page by pasting the code (pressing Control + V).

Examples of embed buttons

Above are example of the embed options you’ll see in website builders like Google Site, Elementor for WordPress, and Weebly.

You’d select the embed option and paste the code you copied there.

If you have direct access to the page’s HTML code, you can paste it straight into the HTML code.

Advanced Tip: Stopping Audio-Advancing Slides

In the Google Slides embed code, you’ll see a part that shows “&delayms=60000.” That refers to the time a slide remains on screen before the presentation automatically advances to the next slide.

There isn’t an option to remove auto-advancing slides in the Publish to the Web dialog box. But you can remove auto-advance from the embed code by deleting the “&delayms=60000” or whatever never it’s set to. 

Example of an Embedded Google Slides Presentation

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