Fixing Video Perspective in Adobe Premiere Pro

Image of skewed video next to image of straightened video

Fixing Video Perspective in Adobe Premiere Pro If you can add a video to a sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro, adjusting its perspective can be easily done with the Corner Pin tool. A video demonstration sent to me was recorded, and the camera wasn’t facing the subject matter directly. It was at a bit of […]

Covering Video Mistak— uh, Edits

Title: Covering Video Mista-- uh, edits. Shushing emoji.

The person on camera flubbed a line. Rather than rerecord the entire shot, someone says, “We’ll fix that in editing.” And the person on camera starts the line again. The problem is a lot of people who toss the “We’ll fix that in editing” line aren’t the “we” fixing it. If you are the person […]

Beginner Video Tips

Video Tips over Old Movie Background and Border

Don’t have too much space above a person’s head. If he or she is the focus of the shot, make them the prominent figure in the shot. Avoid the opposite extreme too. Don’t have too little space above his or her head. And don’t have their head cut off in the shot. Don’t shot from […]

Framing An Interview Shot

Framing an interview shot

Embed: Start at: Here are some common issues I’ve seen when recording someone for an interview. No leading space in front of the person. There should be space on camera in the direction the person is looking. If there’s too much space behind the person, it seems like something will appear behind them. You often […]