I See It Now

Notes with CC and Learning Objectives partially blurred

Hey, That’s a Learning Objective It’s like the clouds parted and the light finally shined. I’m preparing for a presentation. I was writing bullet points of content I wanted to cover, and then it hit me. Those weren’t just bullet points. Those were learning objectives, and the learning objectives were part of a competency.  Competencies […]

What are they thinking?!?

Young woman thinking surrounded by orange thinking icons

As I child I thought people who like strawberries must taste something different than I do when biting it; otherwise, why would they eat it? I am (at times unintentionally hilariously) literal-minded. The realization a person can experience the same action or event as I do and interpret it in an entirely different way was […]

Don’t Sacrifice Clarity for Good Flow

Person Typing on Laptop

I was reading a set of instructions, and my writing senses were tingling. The instructions started similar to, “While doing Action X, do Action Y.” I have a pretty good guess on why it was phrased this way.  It flows well. It implies Action X must be done and transitions well to the next step. […]