Beginner Video Tips

Don’t have too much space above a person’s head. If he or she is the focus of the shot, make them the prominent figure in the shot.

Avoid the opposite extreme too. Don’t have too little space above his or her head. And don’t have their head cut off in the shot.

Don’t shot from below eye level. Unless there’s a styling choice for the shot, avoid recording from below someone’s eye level. It’s not flattering.

Set your camera at the person’s eye level. Above the eye level also works well and can be more flattering.

Look at the camera lens, not yourself. If you’re recording on a smartphone or a camera with a flip screen, it’s tempting to watch your own image. But it’s obvious you’re not looking at the camera.

Keep your camera still. If you’re not watching an action movie or a chase scene, notice the movement in a scene is from who or what’s in the shot. The camera isn’t moving.

Until you become more familiar with planning and editing, keep the camera still. Moving it probably isn’t adding any value to the shot.

(This video was originally created for Tangi, a Google’s in-house incubator project.)

Note: No closed captions on video. It has music only, no voices.

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